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Work and book New Potatoes for sale
Most of my work and my second book are for sale and I can send it all over the world. You are welcome to have a look at the preview (16 pages of this lavishly illustrated book). The book can be directly ordered from me and a few retailers. More

Interested in buying my work? Have a look at the shop page  Send an email to inform about prices.  I can send it all over the world.

New single by Novo Amor illustrated with my work     Exciting news. A Welsh singer songwriter, artist name Novo Amor has his first new songs on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. As illustration he uses a detail of my work Birdcage. It feels special.
Interested? Try Decimal and Halloween.

Poetry is everywhere  Poetry magazine (USA) has published my article about the poetry in my work and poetry that inspires me in their April issue. Interested? Go to Poetry is everywhere. 

My work is in a new beautiful book de Fille en Aiguille by Charlotte Vannier in french Pyramyd, page 132 – 135. and in english by Thames and Hudson, title Threads page 134 – 137.

Embroidery magazine Motif/motive page 16 and 17 in the January issue 2020 about the content of my work.


Lectures and workshops

In mijn atelier in Pijnacker geef ik af en toe een workshop. De volgende is gepland op zaterdag 25  september 2021 van 10.30 tot 16.00 uur, idem op zaterdag 2 oktober en op woensdag 10 november. Alle workshops zitten vol. Je kunt per email aanmelden voor de wachtlijst of voor september 2022. Ook kun je alvast  informatie opvragen , via:   info (apenstaartje) tillekeschwarz (punt) com  De workshop is in mijn grote atelier in Pijnacker en het accent ligt op het ontwerpen van een nieuw werk. Verder leer je mijn favoriete borduurtechniek en letters borduren. Van harte welkom.  

Exhibition in Baarle Nassau, Netherlands in gallery High Five art in March and April 2022