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Dear visitor,
In case you would like to contact me, I prefer an email in the Dutch or English language. I can understand quite a bit of German, but my knowledge of French is limited. Usually I ‘ll answer usually the same day (or at least within a few days).

Dear student,
Hope you enjoy this website. In case you would like to write about my work, please understand that you are not the only person doing so. Nowadays you can find plenty of information on the internet, in books and magazines and of course in my book New Potatoes. Please make good use of your library and the internet.
Try for instance: Embroidery magazine and
Still ‘desperate’ for a specific answer? Send only one question ( and please no questionnaires!).

Thank you for visiting my website.


Beste bezoeker,
Ik geef er de voorkeur aan contact te onderhouden per email. Ik reageer meestal binnen enkele dagen. Hartelijk dank voor het bezoeken van mijn website.

email contact: Tilleke Schwarz or via: info (at) tillekeschwarz (dot) com