Work and book New Potatoes for sale
Most of my work and my second book are for sale and I can send it all over the world. You are welcome to have a look at the preview (16 pages of this lavishly illustrated book). The book can be directly ordered from me and a few retailers. More

Interested in buying my work? Have a look at the shop page 


Poetry is everywhere  Poetry magazine (USA) has published my article about the poetry in my work and poetry that inspires me in their April issue. Interested? Go to Poetry is everywhere.

I have applied with my work to a  “Exhibition in print“, 40  participants (about 10%) were selected to be published in the magazine, including my work. This is the magazine Surface Design Journal. And this is the result.


Lectures and workshops
In September 2017 I will teach and lecture again for the inspiring Maiwa in Vancouver, Canada. In October 2017 I will teach several workshops for the wonderful Hope and Elvis in Worksop (near Sheffield) in The United Kingdom. On July 29 and 30 I will teach a workshop for Selvedge in London. There is another Workshop planned in Manchester on June 10th in the Portico gallery and a lecture on June 9th in the same venue.

In mijn atelier in Pijnacker geef ik een workshop op 30 september 2017. Dit is prima bereikbaar per auto (parkeren voor de deur) of openbaar vervoer. Er zijn nog enkele plaatsen beschikbaar. Je kunt per email informatie opvragen, via:  info (apenstaartje) tillekeschwarz (punt) com  Mocht 30 september niet uitkomen , laat me dan in ieder geval weten of je belangstelling hebt. Dan houd ik je op de hoogte.

62 Group shows in London and Edinburgh
62 Group show  “Making space”  will travel to the upcoming Knitting & Stitching show in London (UK). from March 2 to 5 in 2017.  The show will travel to The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh (UK) from April 27 to 30. 

Pulchri Studio, The Hague (Netherlands) members Voorjaars Salon from April 22th till May 14th. 

From June 8th till July 10th 2017 I’ll participate in the exhibition Cut Cloth at the Portico gallery in Manchester.