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Lectures, workshops and other activities


My lectures are always adapted (length, focus, audience) to the wishes of the institute that invites me.
Mostly I am invited to lecture about my embroidery, inspiration and way of designing and stitching.
Sometimes it is appreciated to add information about other (Dutch) artists who incorporate textiles and other flexible materials in their art. Lectures can be illustrated with either a slide or power point presentation.

Selected lectures in the past: Handicraft Fair in Rotterdam (NL), Academy of Embroidery’ in Sweden, Embroiderers Guild Dublin (Ireland), Art school in Belgrade (Serbia), symposium Sign Post to a New Space in Harrogate (UK), Netherlands Textilemuseum, Surface Design Conference in Kansas City (USA), Textile Fibre Forum 2000, Mittagong Australia.

W Y S I W Y G , detail


My workshops are usually for adults and college students. The workshop program is always adapted on demand. The length has varied in the past from one to five days.
The focus is usually on design and free expression.
Often it is appreciated when I demonstrate my own way of working (design and technique).
When time allows we can design and stitch a miniature embroidery or the start of a new work.

Selected Workshops: Academy of Embroidery’ in Sweden, Fries museum (Netherlands), Speed-design in Harrogate (UK), Textile Festival (Netherlands), Surface Design Conference in Kansas city (USA), Textile Forum at Geelong, Mittagong and Camp Keepit in Australia.


I am a free lance writer. In general I write for for textile magazines about artists who incorporate textiles and other flexible materials in their art.
Selected magazines: Textiel Plus (Netherlands), Textile Forum (Europe), Textile Fibre Forum (Australia),
Fiberarts (USA), Pulchri magazine (Netherlands), Selvedge (UK) and the exhibition magazine for Soft Ware 2008 (which I curated).

Lezingen, artikelen schrijven en workshops

Ik heb belangstelling voor het houden van lezingen, het schrijven van artikelen en het geven van workshops en organiseren van tentoonstellingen. Voor meer informatie stuur een email naar  en desgewenst zal ik u terugbellen of schrijven.